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Joining requirements

1. Approve operating mode and operation concept of Dongguan Paidi Sporting Goods Technology Co., Ltd.

2. Have the legal person and nature person with legal operation right,with preference for industry insiders, good commercial reputation and morality.

3. Be familiar with local market, with preference for distributors being engaged in selling sports goods and other relevant goods.

4. Have mature marketing channel and be capable of quickly launching the goods in the market.

5. Have certain market operation ability and economic strength, and be capable of finishing the picking amount required by the regional distributors.

6. Perform all obligation in agency agreement and maintain the order of price.

7. Possibly maintain image and commercial reputation of Dongguan Paidi Sporting Goods Technology Co., Ltd.

Join process

1. Join consulting

2. Submit application form and information registration form of commission agent.

3. Submit copies of business license (duplicate of business license) and tax registration certificate of commission agent as well as copy of legal representative ID card.

4. Examination and assessment. The factory will examine the commission agent in accordance with articles of association and evaluation methods of commission agent. Commission agent will assess the factory.

5. Sign a contract with eligible commission agent.

Contract information

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